Welcome to my realm of perfect dark. Floats on me!
☭ for Spiri and SSK! 8D and/or Maresol with anyone else you want hehehe

I’m gonna assume by SSK ya mean my Sceptile Pokesona xD Let’s do this!

Battle intro: Oy, no ol’ raggedy kitty’s gonna make a monkey outta me!


Defeat: H-hey, hey! You cheated! Stupid ghost! I DEMAND A REMATCH!

Assist: Jungle Dragon Strike Technique, LET’S GO!

Taunt: You hit like a Happiny!



Reacting to Flee: Yeah that’s right son, YOU BETTER BE SCARED!

Tie: *tries to edit the scoreboard* … Hey, don’t look over here! Don’t film that!

Perfect Victory: You WERE recording that, weren’t you guys? … No? Aheheh… WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WEREN’T RECORDING THAT?!


☭ Terra and whoever you want :P

Hmm, how about him and Hanuman?

Battle intro: "Hoo hoo, I should warn ya, Lord Terrakion, this old man’s still got plenty of spring in his step!"

Victory: "Well how about that! Didn’t think I’d beat the Mountain Defender himself! Hoo hoo hoo!"

Defeat: "H-heh, ya sure fit the bill of "Strong as an Oxe" there, textbook definition for certain… urgh, where’s my cane…?"

Assist: "Let this agin’ ape have a whack at ‘em, whaddaya say!"

Taunt: "Careful there, wouldn’t want that precious hat of yours turned to cinders, wouldja?"

Reacting to Taunt: "HOO! Tough words, tougher than your "armor," boy! HOO HOO~!"

Flee: "OOP, got a patient to tend to! Let’s put this on hold, Dr. Hanuman’s got work ta do!"

Reacting to Flee: "Don’t forget to schedule another Appointment of Ass-Kickin’ with me some other day! HOO HOO!"

Tie: "Ahh, take what ya can get, hm? Guess I was just runnin’ on steam…"

Perfect Victory: "HOO HOO! UNTOUCHED! I knew today was the best day for the perfect breakfast! — … ahem … I mean…" *bows with a smile* "Ya did great, Lord Terrakion."

Finishing Move: "Look alive, boy; watch me go from Hanuman to SUPERMAN!"

☭ for Garrett and Athena maybe??

Battle intro: Hmm, it’s you, that one yoga Pokemon in the mountains… alright, show me what you can do.

Victory: Tch. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Defeat: Hngh… argh, damn, your t-technique…

Assist: Guess you need my muscle, huh? Alright, but get out of my way, it’s going to be bloody.

Taunt: C’mon, step up your game, or I’ll be breaking your face!

Reacting to Taunt: I’ll knock those teeth out of you!

Flee: *bitter sigh* Hold on, I think I hear Takeshi screaming again, the little wimp.

Reacting to Flee: This fight isn’t over until one of us is still standing, damn it! Get back here!

Tie: Fucking hell do I hate deadlocks… but the fact that you can keep up with me this far is… commendable, I guess.

Perfect Victory: A history of hell like mine will cut you up like a diamond. Train more, then come back and try again.


☭ Younger Athena and Leena perhaps?

Battle intro: So you wanna tussle, kitty cat! Alright, sure, I’ll take you on!

Victory: GOTCHA! Looks like this match belongs to me!

Defeat: Grrrr, let’s… let’s do… two out of three…! I almost… almost had you!

Assist: Move over kitty, this chump is mine!

Taunt: Stop licking your claws and put ‘em up!

Reacting to Taunt: We’ll see how cute you are when I mess you up!

Flee: Ehh, I don’t wanna go, but I… have something else to do, yeah! So don’t follow me!

Reacting to Flee: Aww giving up already? Where’s the fun in that?

Tie: C’mon, let me have one more hit! Just one!

Perfect Victory: YEAH, THAT’S THE TICKET! How’s that? … Uh, what? You’re not really crying, are you?

Finishing Move: Alright, my dad taught me this one! TIME TO GET WRECKED!

☭ Stitches vs Sylva & Mundy vs Maresol? (sorry for putting two)

I’m just gonna choose Stitches vs. Sylva. One per customer, don’t wanna overload myself.

Battle intro: ["Are you certain, Miss Stitches? Well, if you insist…"]

Victory: ["A refreshing exercise, thank you for the bout, dear."]

Defeat: ["Your blades are sharper than I imagined… ah…"]

Assist: ["Don’t overdo it, dear; let me aid you."]

Taunt: ["Threads getting caught in your blades, hm?"]

Reacting to Taunt: ["I see… how, quaint?"]

Flee: ["My apologies, but I must postpone, a patient needs me."]

Reacting to Flee: ["Ah, well, fair enough. I was going to be busy anyway."]

Tie: ["Let’s stop here, shall we?"]

Perfect Victory: ["I must be in particularly good condition today… ah, but don’t worry, you’ve fought very well, Miss Stitches. I hope I made a decent opponent for you."]

Finishing Move: ["Best put these whips to good use…!"]

(( ☭ for Athena and Yemir? ))

Battle intro: *spits to the side as she cricks her neck a little* Alright… let’s see how much difference size makes.

Victory: Hmph, just as I thought… size alone doesn’t mean strength.

Defeat: G-gh… god damn it… *clenching her teeth over broken bones*

Assist: Ugh, god, fine, I’ll help, but only for a moment, got it?

Taunt: Maybe if you weren’t so goddamn huge you could hit me in time!

Reacting to Taunt: *grits teeth* Yemir, you’re fucking asking for it!

Flee: *pulled away by Takeshi* Hey, let me fucking go, I can still beat her, damn it!

Reacting to Flee: Hey! Where’re YOU going? Get back here, I’m not finished with you! YOU HEAR ME?

Tie: Argh… I wanted a clear winner, dammit… almost had you…!

Perfect Victory: Well shit. Guess I’m just fine the way I am, you didn’t even touch me. I don’t know why I was envious of you at all.


Freddy and Sylva. And Lenox and Maresol. If you are only doing one pick which one interests you the most.

Hmm, let’s try Len and Maresol, since Sylva’s had a turn. -u-;

Battle intro: ¡Órale! You’re really strong and big for a Hawlucha, bigger than me! But can you keep up the rhythm like me~?

Victory: H-huh? I won? … I WON! *whew* ¡Genial! I thought that was gonna be it for me, haha~!

Defeat: Ah, o-okay, okay, you win, you win! D-don’t, don’t hurt me anymore, por favor… ow… qué lástima…

Assist: Let me help~! ¡Aquí voy!

Taunt: Ándale, you won’t be able to touch me if you don’t stay in sync~!

Reacting to Taunt: Hey, I can do just fine! … I think…!

Flee: A-ah, I gotta go! Sorry!  ¡Adios!

Reacting to Flee: … Oh? Leaving already? Aw, well um, okay! Bye! *waves, then gives a relieved ‘phew’*

Tie:  W-whew! You’re, ah, r-really rough, miss! I’m surprised I stood up against you for this long!

Perfect Victory: Eeeeee, ¡qué tal! I won without a scratch~! Bravo! *hops up and down in glee, but then helps Lenox up to her feet with a more genuine smile* Oh but you did great too! You’re really strong!

Finishing Move: Now let’s turn it up with some flair~!

Sorry comrade, I ship it too hard. ☭, Rose vs Bhaltair!

Very vell, let’s do dees, for Mother Russia.

Battle intro: Well well, if it isn’t the exotic femme fatale with the finely chiseled bod and claws~ Let’s dance, shall we?

Victory: Whoo, that was just too pretty! Seriously!

Defeat: Gah, h-heh, guess we know who the — *cough* — better assassin is this time, huh…?

Assist: One extra pair of claws comin’ right up, miss~

Taunt: C’mon, let me feel those claws~

Reacting to Taunt: Oho, you sure about that?

Flee: Whoops, gotta skedaddle! Later! *wraps himself up and leaps off*

Reacting to Flee: Aw man, we were just getting to the fun part…~

Tie: Huh, not gonna lie, I am not used to these standstills… not that I’d mind having another round with you. Heh.

Perfect Victory: Don’t worry, there’s hotties up in heaven too.~

Finishing Move: Ya ready for this? ‘Cause I’m making this one count!

☭ for Amorette and ☭ for Maresol maybe :3

Alright for this meme, I’ll be goin’ Amorette and Zackiel. Frenchemies.

Battle intro: “Oh non pas encore lui… Tu peux pas me foutre la paix pour une fois??”

"Grr… not you again. When will you leave me alone already?"

Victory: "Au moins ça t’apprendras d’arrêter de me tripoter! Et puis apprends a dessiner mieux pendant que tu y est!"

"Perhaps now you’ll learn to stop touching me! And learn to draw better while you’re at it!"

Defeat: "Nnngh, coup de chance ouais… Et je suis tout sale maintenant…"

"N-nngh, you just got lucky… argh, my fur…"

Assist: "Mes services d’art seront payant pour la prochaine fois!"

"My artistic services won’t be free next time!"

Taunt: "Que de brillance mais aucune grace… Très commun pour les Scalproies comme toi."

"All shine, no grace… typical of Bisharps like you."

Reacting to Taunt: “J’en ai plus que marre avec ton putain de toupet!!”

"I’ve had it with your stupid sass!"

Flee: "J’ai encore une commission à finir, alors adieu! Et ne me suis pas!"

"I’ve got a commission to work on, so bye! And don’t bother me!"

Reacting to Flee: "Bien-sûr, fuis, je voulais pas voir ta sale tronche de toute façon!"

"Fine, go, I didn’t want to see you or your ugly smile anyway!"

Tie: "Ha, échec-et-mat… Au moins j’ai eu mon entrainement pour aujourd’hui."

"Feh, a stalemate… at least I’ve had my exercise for the day."

Perfect Victory: "Tu n’auras jamais de chance d’être à ma hauteur. JAMAIS."

"You never had a chance competing with my grace. Never."

Finishing Move: "Et maintenant… La touche finale de mon oeuvre d’art."

"And now, the finishing touch to my masterpiece…"

As per usual, credit to Kattarsis9 for le French. -u-/ Thanks man!

☭ Kilian v.s. Miguel

Battle intro: *lands into the scene on one knee, standing as she smiles at Miguel* Target sighted… let’s make this mission magical.~

Victory: Bet your fortune telling couldn’t tell you that, huh? Heh, didn’t think so.

Defeat: Ngh, damn electricity…

Assist: Tag me, I’ll stun ‘em in a different way.~

Taunt: What’s the matter, afraid?

Reacting to Taunt: Cute, let’s see how you like eating your own words.~

Flee: Time to retreat, have to report back-!

Reacting to Flee: It’s fine, I’ll get you next time you’re on the prowl.~

Tie: Didn’t think you could keep up with me… not bad, not at all!

Perfect Victory: Remember when it looked like you were going to win? Neither do I~!

Finishing Move: Shhh, no words…. just wounds.~